Our FAQ section is regularly under development. If you have a query not answered in the sections below, please contact us by email at info@manaleak.com or via our Facebook page.


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Tournament and event information: We are now running a limited events schedule - find and prebook upcoming events via our events page. You can join our Facebook player group to hear first about events and store updates.


Frequently Asked Questions:


-  Why have your shipping rates changed?


We periodically review and update our shipping rates, including free shipping options - usually to reflect changes in postal services. Shipping options are available to choose from at checkout - if you think you've selected the wrong option please contact us as soon as possible.

Further details can be found on our Delivery Information page.



- When will you send my cards?


We pack orders most working week days, with parcels taken to the Post Office at about 2pm each day. Whilst we try to get everyone's orders shipped each day, some days get busy with more orders than we can feasibly ship - Mondays after a new release, or the first day back ofter a bank holiday get particularly busy! If you need your cards for a certain day, please add a note at checkout, or order with Next Day shipping, and we'll try to prioritise your order.


Further details on shipping times can be found on our Delivery Information page.


- What are your opening times?


We're currently open Wednesday and Friday evenings 5-11pm. We also run occasional weekend events, which can be found on our events page.

If you wish to drop in outside of these times, we recommend contacting us to make an appointment, to ensure someone is in store when you arrive, since our back office hours are less regular.


- I've forgotten a card I wanted on my order - can you add it?


If we haven't already shipped your order, then yes! Please note that we usually finish compiling our packing lists in the morning (Mon-Fri), and take parcels to the Post Office at about 2pm. 

If you're ordering before about 10am or after 4pm Mon-Fri, just place an order for the additional cards as usual, but select 'in store' as your shipping option, with a note in the comments that you'd like this order combined with an earlier one. Unless your order significantly changes shipping options (e.g. adding larger accessories to a singles order), we'll simply combine your orders.

If either or both orders fall between 10am and 4pm Mon-Friday, we'd recommend  contacting us to ensure we'll be able to combine your orders, or ordering with a postal shipping option so we can still send your item the following day if the earlier order has already been posted.


- I want to pay by card but only PayPal, In Store and Bank Transfer are coming up at checkout.


PayPal handle our card payments for security purposes - if you want to pay by card, please select PayPal at checkout, and you'll be redirected to a PayPal page where you can chose card or PayPal payments and input your details. Your card details will be securely processed and payment will show in our accounts so we're able to process your order. We don't hold any card details on file.


- I've selected PayPal or card payment at checkout, but I'm getting an error message.


PayPal process our card and PayPal payments through an external service, however recent changes mean larger orders (i.e. for higher number of cards) have been experiencing time out issues. Our web developers are looking into this for us, so hopefully it will be a short time issue!

If you're having any issues paying for your order, please select 'in store' or 'bank transfer' as your payment option and add a note in the comments - we'll send you an invoice so you can pay securely by PayPal or card.


- I want to pay by bank transfer - what are your details?


Account Name: Howl Games Limited
Account Number: 25000102
Sort Code: 09-01-29
Bank: Santander


All bank payments are eligible for a 2% discount, please calculate this before sending -  feel free to contact us if you need assistance.


If you've selected Bank Transfer by accident and would prefer a PayPal invoice to pay by card or PayPal, please just contact us and we'll send one over.


- My order amount and the charge on PayPal don't quite tally.


This is a rounding issue between website prices and PayPal. Usually it's only a few pennies out, but the PayPal price should be correct. If there is a significant difference in the price, please either place the order selecting in store payment and add a note at checkout, and we'll send an invoice for the correct amount, or if you think there's an error with the prices, please contact us and we'll try to help.


- Your prices are too good to be true! What do I do if I spot an error?


If you think a card is significantly over/ under priced, please do contact us to check. Whilst we try to honour as many orders as possible, we do use an automated pricing system so errors do occasionally crop up. If you spot a pricing issue, we'll usually still try to give you a good deal on any cards you are looking for, but please remember that in terms of your consumer rights, your order is not accepted and confirmed by us until we ship it to you. If you are trading cards to us, please wait for us to confirm your buy in before shipping - again, prices are automated and can contain errors; shipping cards can be costly, so please wait until we've confirmed that we can accept your trade. For more details on buying cards from us, please read our Terms and Conditions, or check out our trading page.


- I want to order a load of cards, but I'm finding it awkward.


We know the current set up can be a little slow for ordering large amounts of singles. We are working on a supersearch function with our developers, but in the mean time here are some tips that might help:


1. Make sure you're signed in before adding cards - they'll stay in your basket if you get called away!

2. Go through checkout once you reach around 50 items - our site can experience isses with very large orders, so breaking it into several slightly smaller ones helps things go through more smoothly. If you're ordering multiple times for shipping, just pay for shipping on your first order, then select 'in store collection' for later orders, with a note asking us to combine your orders.

Orders over £35 are eligible for free shipping, so if your total order qualifies we'll be happy to apply this. Any questions or issues, please contact us.

3. Some customers find opening multiple tabs the quickest way to search for multiple cards in quick succession - type in the card you want in the search, then whilst it's loading start a search in a second or third tab. They should all go into your basket together, but don't go too crazy or you might end up forgetting something!

4. If you're ordering multiple cards from the same set (e.g. to complete a collection), click on the Magic: The Gathering header to bring up our singles collection (of click directly to it here: https://www.manaleak.com/wizards-of-the-coast, then use our set filters along the left hand side of the screen to bring up the set you want. We are still building in more useable tags etc., but the majority of our collection should be tagged by set.


- I'm trying to order, but my basket hasn't cleared from last time!


Urgh, we're really sorry - this is a know issue that our developer is working on! The current solutions are to either clear the cache on your device, or manually delete the items. Sadly there's no way for us to do this at our end.

Commander players, we can only apologise! :(


- Argh! I've just placed a massive order and it's dissapeared!


Occasionally large orders don't process correctly at checkout (again, apologies Commander players!). Often these are stored in the system and we can retrieve them at our end. Please contact us (if you can mention a few of the cards you've ordered it's a big help!) and we'll take a look for you.

Apologies for the stress!!


- Urgh, the page formatting has gone weird when I try to use your site/ I can't click on card conditions to purchase my items.


This is most likely a caching issue - occasionally we make changes with images or headers that throw out the alignment, or the site tries to use mobile graphics for desktop devices (or vice versa). These are usually sorted almost immediately, however if you load pages whilst they are ongoing they can stick as a setting in your brower's cache. Go to settings on your web browers and clearing 'cached images and files' - this usually fixes the problem. If you're still having problems, please do contact us and we'll do our best to help!


- Why won't my order stay in my basket for more than 10 minutes? 


If you're not signed in, the system sometimes will clear your order after a set amount of time. We highly recommend signing in before adding items to the cart.

If you are signed in and are still experiencing issues, please contact us.


- I'm getting a security warning that your site is unsecure. What's going on?

www.manaleak.com is a validated website, hosted by Ion Retail and has an up to date security certificate that should be accepted by all browsers.

A handful of customers have had security flags when trying to connect through manaleak.com (without the www prefix). Although this page redirects to the secure www.manaleak.com site, and is also validated under the same security certificate, some security software has continued to flag a potential issue. *We believe this issue has now been fixed, but if you do receive security warnings that aren't fixed by the following steps, please do let us know!**


The simplest fix is usually to check you are definitly accessing www.manaleak.com in the browser bar. If so, select 'advanced options' on the security flag, add www.manaleak.com to your safe list (if required) and proceed to the site.

Alternatively, you can try clearing your cache and/ or ensure you are typing in www.manaleak.com as your initial launch page to get onto the site.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.


Our site should always show with https in the prefix, and with a closed padlock symbol in the browser bar. If in doubt, do not input personal or payment details online - please feel free to select 'in store' playment - we're always happy to help or send an invoice, just add a note to your order or contact us and let us know what's going on.